Chain of Custody Certification

MRAG can help to minimise the risk of handling illegal fish through providing assessments to Fishery and Chain of Custody Standards. MRAG is an MSC accredited certification body with a global network of assessors which provides pre-assessment and full-assessments to MSC standard. In addition, MRAG offers MSC Chain of Custody (CofC) certification to fish factories, wholesalers, retailers, traders and vessels. The CofC certification is the traceability element of the MSC/ASC certification programme which ensures that the product purchased by a consumer was sourced from a sustainably certified fishery.

MRAG Americas, Inc. has been approved to conduct third party sustainable Fishery Certifications in accordance with the MSC's Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing These Principles and Criteria (and the corresponding scoring guideposts) are the guidelines against which client fisheries are rated. A client fishery must meet or exceed the minimum standards for 1) stock assessment and stock status, 2) ecosystem impacts, and 3) fishery management system to receive certification.

NB: Please note that due to the commercial nature of these activities individual project sheets are not available for this service area.

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