Aquaculture Certification

MRAG is an independent company with over 20 years experience in fisheries and aquaculture all over the world – in over 60 countries working with a variety of aquaculture species including pangasius, tilapia, shrimp salmon and trout.

MRAG Ltd has auditors trained in the ASC Pangasius Standard Training for Certification Bodies in Vietnam (September 2011) and who are trained to the highest Social Accountability standard (SA 8000). MRAG can provide certification to Aquaculture Stewardship (ASC) standards and additional services available include pre-assessments, technical and social audits relevant to ASC.  These assessments cover a number of factors such as: legality; land and water usage; pollution and waste management; genetics and biodiversity; feed management; health management, veterinary medicines and chemicals; and social accountability.

In addition to providing assessments relevant to ASC standards MRAG auditors have extensive experience in conducting farm and factory audits including providing compliance, IUU monitoring and at-sea observers. Traceability evaluation through the entire supply chain verification (full-chain traceability) from hatchery or farm to final product

In addition, MRAG has completed a review of aquaculture certification processes and their effectiveness which enabled MRAG to use extensive industry-wide knowledge through practical experience in this sector.  

NB: Please note that due to the commercial nature of these activities individual project sheets are not available for this service area.


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