Fisheries assessment software

We are pleased to offer the latest versions of four fisheries assessment software packages for downloading free from this website; Length Frequency Distribution Analysis (LFDA), Catch Effort Data Analysis (CEDA), Yield and ParFish. All four packages were developed by MRAG Ltd. as part of the Fisheries Management Science Programme for the UK Department for International Development. 

Yield Version 1.0

Yield Version 1.0 is a program for calculating fishery yields and stock biomasses, on an absolute or per-recruit basis, and for calculating biological reference points associated with these. On starting the program, users are asked to enter values of biological parameters (e.g. growth, mortality, age at maturity and stock-recruitment relationship) and fishery parameters (e.g. length at first capture, fishing season). For each parameter, either a single value can be entered, or a probability distribution can be specified to allow for uncertainty.

CEDA Version 3.0

The Catch Effort Data Analysis package (CEDA) is a PC-based software package for analysing catch, effort and abundance index data. Version 3.0 allows calculation of estimates of current and unexploited stock sizes, catchability and associated population dynamics parameters. Both depletion and several types of stock production (biomass dynamic) models can be fitted, using one of three different assumptions about the distribution of residuals. Both point estimates and bootstrap confidence intervals for the estimated parameters can be calculated.

LFDA Version 5.0

The Length Frequency Distribution Analysis (LFDA) package is a PC-based computer package for estimating growth parameters and mortality rates from fish length frequency distributions. Version 5.0 of LFDA includes methods for estimating the parameters of both non-seasonal and seasonal versions of the von Bertalanffy growth curve. It includes three methods for estimating growth parameters. These are Shepherd's Length Composition Analysis (SLCA) method, the projection matrix (PROJMAT) method, and a version of the Elefan method.
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