A strategy for the long term optimisation of the Mauritanian fisheries control and surveillance system

The project goal was to propose a strategy, to the Délégation à la Surveillance de la pêche et au contrôle en mer) Mauritania (DSPCM) and Kreditanstalt Für Wiederaufbau (KfW), for the improvement (both efficiency and efficacy) of MCS surveillance operations within the Mauritanian EEZ.  The current surveillance means (VMS, radar, other technologies) and units (vessels, aircraft, manpower) were evaluated along with estimates for the requirements for the fisheries and fleets operating in the Mauritanian EEZ. 

A proposed plan for improvements and additional means and units throughout DSPCM and other bodies involved in surveillance was laid out.  This study included:

•Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) technical assessment

•Design of MCS pilot studies

•Improvements to land, sea and air based surveillance units

•Training of surveillance staff and improvements to communications within DSPCM

The project involved country visits and the submission of technical and final repo



Start Date: 

Sunday, 7 January, 2001 to Thursday, 28 February, 2002

Services Provided: 

  •    Fisheries Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS)
  •    Fisheries and project management
  •    Institutional development
  •    Fisheries information management systems,
  •    Vessel monitoring systems (VMS)
  •    Fisheries Development Policy
  •    Fisheries Resources Evaluation
  •    Information Systems and Computer Processing, Institutional Strengthening/Restructuring

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Kreditanstalt Für Wiederaufbau (KFW) / DSPCM (Délégation à la Surveillance de la pêche et au contrôle en mer) Mauritania

Client Address: 

United Kingdom

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Origin of Funding: 

KFW funded loan