EU Framework: Studies in the field of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Affiars No Fish/2006/09 : Lot 2 Legal Studies Related to Maritime Affairs

Lot 2 of the 'Studies in the fields of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Affairs' framework aimed to set up a framework service contract to ensure the ability to assess the feasibility and the best format for proposals of a legal nature under the future maritime policy. Specific projects undertaken by MRAG and the Consortium include: WP1: Legal Aspects of Maritime Data: Marine Environmental Data and Vessel Surveillance Data -Legal Marine Spatial Planning WP2: National and International Legal Regime Applicable to the Arctic (Shipping and Related Natural Resources Activities) WP3: Preparatory study for an impact assessment concerning a possible revision of the current exclusions of seafaring workers from the scope of EU social legislation WP4: Marine Data Infrastructure WP5: Legal Aspects of Arctic Shipping WP6:Legal Regime Arctic WP7: Study on Interim Evaluation of EMODNET



Start Date: 

Monday, 8 April, 2013

Services Provided: 

Collection and analysis of information Review of data standards and legislation Stakeholder Consultations Database development Recommendations and Reporting

Name of Client: 

European Commission-DG Fish

Client Address: 

United Kingdom

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Origin of Funding: 

European Commission