An analysis of existing and proposed mechanisms and approaches for achieving sustainable fisheries management

The HRH Prince of Wales International Sustainability Unit (ISU), part of the Prince’s Charities Foundation commissioned MRAG to analyse the best approaches being used around the world to tackle unsustainable fishing practices and then refine and develop these ideas for application in different countries and contexts. This will involve: Compilation of background information on challenges to sustainable fisheries; Analysis of best practice fishery examples; Analysis of business models of best practice fisheries in terms of governance structures, financial mechanisms and technical measures; Conclusions and best practice; Workshop development and presentation.

The following fisheries were  reviewed as case studies:

  • Namibia - Hake
  • South Africa – Hake
  • Australia - Shrimp; Spanner Crab
  • North Sea - cod
  • Canada - Herring roe
  • CCAMLR - toothfish
  • Chile - loco
  • Fiji - reef fish
  • Iceland - cod
  • India - pelagics
  • Indonesia - tilapia
  • Italy – clams
  • Kiribati –tuna
  • Mexico – shrimp
  • Mozambique – shrimp; smelts
  • Norway – cod
  • Peru – anchovetta
  • Philippines – reef fish
  • Scotland – salmon, cod
  • UK – Cornish mackerel
  • USA – Pacific halibut
  • Vietnam - Shellfish



Start Date: 

Friday, 28 May, 2010 to Friday, 17 December, 2010

Services Provided: 

  • Analysis of fisheries management
  • Analysis of governance, finance and technical measures associated with fisheries management
  • Literature review
  • Case studies

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HRH Prince of Wales International Sustainability Unit

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United Kingdom

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HRH Prince of Wales International Sustainability Unit